URUSHI Creatures EVENT limited
URUSHI Creatures EVENT limited
URUSHI Creatures EVENT limited
URUSHI Creatures EVENT limited
URUSHI Creatures EVENT limited
URUSHI Creatures EVENT limited
URUSHI Creatures EVENT limited
URUSHI Creatures EVENT limited
URUSHI Creatures EVENT limited
URUSHI Creatures EVENT limited
URUSHI Creatures EVENT limited
URUSHI Creatures EVENT limited


URUSHI Creatures EVENT limited

¥270,000  (tax included) Sale Save
It's like a golden bug just flew into my ear.

CREATE WITH Yasuka Kojima

The golden bugs, which look just like the real thing, are born out of a deep love for small creatures.

Delicately decorated with genuine lacquer, this masterpiece is created through a mind-boggling process and has a design that gives off a wonderful sense of discomfort when worn. Gold powder is used to create the lustrous luster of the golden bug. Depending on how you express lacquer, unexpected and interesting expressions can appear. The Golden Bug, which was created because of his understanding of the material and his ability to depict it, was born from the artist's dedication and passion for flawless production. It is truly a masterpiece that allows you to wear the ultimate work of art in your ears.

You can choose from three types of decoration for the pedestal on which the golden bug rests: eggshell, white pearl shell, or abalone shell.

Price including tax: ¥270,000
Free domestic shipping

Earphone: W25.0 x D27.5 x H30.0

Battery charger: W75.5 x D49.5 x H55mm

Artwork: Cypress, real lacquer, eggshell or white pearl shell, abalone
Earphone exterior: Light-curing resin (hand-colored)
Genuine leather case: Cowhide (made in France or Italy)


Yasuka Kojima

Yasuka Kojima

I create works using lacquer decoration techniques with small living things as motifs. I believe that by utilizing the emotional atmosphere of craft techniques, I can remind the viewer of my compassion for life and the natural environment.

--What's your mind music?
My favorite music is J-ROCK and classical piano. × Close

My favorite songs are B'z's GOLD and Janne Da Arc's Confusion. I've been listening to B'z for a long time, Kitri is the one I've been listening to lately, BUCK-TICK is the one I'm in the fan club for, and Janne is the one whose singing voice I like.



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[ Annual Guarantee ]

You can enjoy your sound art piece with confidence because it comes with a warranty. We will provide the best possible support in cooperation with the artist and artisan.



[ ERRMIND’s Restoration System ]

EARMIND's Restoration System allows you to enjoy your favorite works of art forever without worrying about battery drain.

We have developed a new system to replace the body of the wireless earbuds. Works of art can be restored in cooperation with artists and craftsmen. It is an innovative system that respects the people who create and love all cultures and the planet on which they live.

Replacement of the main body of the earbuds: ¥22,000 (TAX INCLUDED)

Restoration of the art piece: Please consult with us.

Spec information


SoC: Qualcomm QCC3040
Version: Bluetooth V5.2
Communication frequency range: 2.402GHz-2.480GHz
Communication Distance: Up to 10m without obstacles
Profile: A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP
Codec: SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX adaptive
Pairing name: EARMIND


Driver: Dynamic 6.5mm 30Ω±4.5(15%)
Sound pressure level: 98±3dB
Playback frequency characteristics: 20HZ-20KHZ
Rated output: 2mW
Continuous playback time: Music playback time 7H (70% volume), talk time 4H


Battery: LIR1054 Lithium-ion battery 1C/45mAh
Charging time: about 1.5 hours

charging case

Battery: 600mAh lithium polymer battery, volumetric energy density: 318Wh/L
Charging time: about 2 hours
TYPE-C power input: 5V/1A
Dimensions: 75.5mm (L) * 49.5mm (D) * 55mm (H)


Waterproof grade: None Charging case weight: 78g Earphone weight: 7g (excluding one side and art piece)