EARMIND introduction video RELEASE

An EARMIND introduction video by portable audio specialty store "e☆Earphone" has been released on Youtube.

It talks about the performance and the charm of the artwork department in detail. The production process by the artist is also a must-see.

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For all those who love art, music, fashion and culture.

Sound art piece®

EARMIND's Sound art piece® is created one by one by artists and artisans with painstaking craft work.

Earphones for listening to music and elaborate art.

By transforming earphones into a new accessory that expresses yourself, you will bring joy and surprise to your daily life.

sound art piece

Sound art piece

The reason why EARMIND's wireless earphones are named "Sound art piece" is to deliver a completely different experience of "listening to sound" from conventional earphones.

Wear art and express yourself by resonating with music.

And by enjoying the sound art piece made to order, we will create a world where not only ourselves but also artists and artisans can continue to express themselves.

A sound born out of difficulties

Experience the highest quality sound

Highest quality sound that resonates with beautiful art pieces.

It invites you to the world created by music artists in a straightforward and relaxed way.

Each component has been carefully selected to take full advantage of the 6.5mm dynamic driver, which is well-balanced over a wide range.

The deep and rich sound that is faithful to the original sound makes you feel as if you have entered the world of sound.

latest technology

Equipped with a Qualcomm QCC3040 chip, it supports not only AAC and SBC, but also advanced codecs such as aptX and aptX adaptive, achieving low latency and high-resolution sound quality.

In addition, Qualcomm's unique left and right independent communication technology "TrueWireless Stereo Plus" is installed. By using a compatible smartphone, the left and right earphones can be connected to the smartphone independently, making it harder to disconnect and enabling long-time playback.

always by your side

Powerful with a maximum playback time of approximately 32 hours.

Achieves up to 7 hours of continuous playback with just the earphone itself. If you use the included battery charger, it can be fully charged approximately 4.5 times.

Enjoy reliable quality sound throughout the day.

Pursued comfortability

Art in a spacious room, music on a soft sofa.

Similarly, in order to enjoy the Sound Art Piece in the best comfort, the best fit is necessary.

The form design along the auricle is easy to get familiar with the ear, and it naturally fits well and maintains sound insulation.

Three types of eartips, single silicon, urethane, and double flange, are set to enable the pursuit of fit that suits each individual's preference.

In addition, there are 3 sizes of SML and a wide variety of accessories that you can't think of with normal wireless earphones, all to deliver the best experience.

Accessories for SOUND ART PIECE

The asymmetrically swaying form of the charging case is based on the image of the space itself that envelops the art piece.

The frosted finish allows the Sound art piece to be slightly transparent, allowing the presence of the art piece to be felt even while charging.

A sustainable and fashionable original charger cover and label tag are also set, using colorful French leather edges that are also used by Maison brands.

Produced with high-quality materials and careful handwork, the color coordination that matches the sound art piece further enhances the fun of carrying around.

A one-of-a-kind Sound art piece in the world guaranteed by an original label tag with a serial number.

A unique record-shaped label tag is signed by the artist and artisan.

art piece for yourself

EARMIND is delivered in a special gift box.

The gift box, which is particular about the paper quality, attracts the Sound art piece like a white cube as a work space.

What EARMIND delivers is the timeless experience of enjoying Sound art piece itself.

The gift box, which has been carefully calculated for the material, foil stamping, and Sound art piece, is a beauty that you will want to keep forever.

An original card introducing co-creating artists and artisans is also included.

In order to maximize the moment of delivery, it is also recommended as a gift for your loved ones.

Release commemorative EARMIND Image Video released

An image video shot in a world where old and new cultures are mixed, set in a historic Western-style building in Otemachi, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture.

Created in the early Showa era by a landlord who studied abroad in Germany and was exposed to foreign culture, the space is a blend of Japanese and Western styles, and is also familiar with the concept of EARMIND.



Wear art and express yourself.

For All Lovers of Art, Music and Fashion

around the world.