The beginning of EARMIND

The beginning is the appearance of office workers seen in the city.

What kind of music are you listening to when you look at the earphones in your ear? It was from where I suddenly thought.

From the suit and inorganic earphones, I can't imagine what he usually likes.

Earphones, which are only focused on their functionality of listening to sounds, may have new possibilities as fashion, just like eyeglasses and wristwatches.

Music includes a person's hobbies, thoughts, philosophies, and various other elements.

Sound art piece is also a fashion item that allows you to express yourself by overlapping the inner world of music with yourself through art.

The brand name "EARMIND" was named based on the idea that everyone can become an artist by expressing their own mind through their ears.

EARMIND is a brand launched by three people who were classmates at a small art university in Kanazawa.

Three people from different places, Iwate, Aichi, and Tokyo, gathered in the same university's craft department, and have been producing, exhibiting, and selling works as an art unit.

After graduation, the three went their separate ways.

However, I have big doubts about the social and economic difficulties of the manufacturing industry that I have witnessed in the worlds of fashion, modeling, and ceramics.

"We can't stay like this. If we don't take action, nothing will change."

We want more people to know and experience the joy of expressing themselves through art and culture, and we want to create a society where artists and artisans can continue to create sustainably.

It is this thought that underlies EARMIND.

Co-creation with artists and artisans

Each and every piece of Sound art piece is made with Kraftwerk.

The process begins with the EARMIND team, artists and artisans having in-depth discussions about materials and techniques and gaining a mutual understanding.

While maximizing the original style of artists and craftsmen, we exchange opinions on how to put them into a small canvas called Sound art piece, and shape it over and over again, gradually approaching completion.

To complete the Sound art piece, we have gone through a lot of work and processes that would be unimaginable for conventional mass-produced devices called "wireless earphones."

what lies ahead

What we aim for is not only sound art pieces, but also a world where many people can enjoy the works of artists and artisans close to them and freely enjoy expressing themselves.

By enjoying and admiring the art pieces they create together with artists and artisans, an inclusive world will be created where everyone can enjoy expression.

All people are creators of the world, looking towards the future.