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EARMIND, Yoyogi Uehara, Event

On September 23rd and 24th, we will be holding a workshop and exhibition where you can make custom orders using the one-of-a-kind artistic earphones "EARMIND."

In addition to collaborating with an illustrator for the first time, we are also preparing a special project where you can enjoy limited customization of new earphones before they are released.

Event details

【free entrance

[Date] September 23, 2023 (Saturday/Holiday) and September 24, 2023 (Sunday)

[Time] 11:00-19:00

[Venue] gallery PARADISO

Odakyu Line, Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line "Yoyogi-Uehara" Station

1 minute walk from south exit 2

1-23-9 Uehara, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0064

On September 23rd (Saturday/Holiday) and 24th (Sunday), a workshop/exhibition will be held at Gallery PARADISO in Yoyogi Uehara, where you can enjoy and order works by unique artists and craftsmen. Why not have a new experience of wearing artwork during the autumn season of art?

Unlike traditional wireless earphones that are mass-produced, EARMIND's sound art pieces are hand-painted with artwork created by artists and craftsmen. This is a completely new product that is a fashion item while enjoying art and music at the same time. At this event, you can enjoy a workshop where you can make custom orders exclusive to this event while experiencing the charm of sound art pieces that are carefully made one by one.

During this event, we have prepared three special plans that allow you to custom order one item at a time, so that you can enjoy EARMIND's world view and production process.

For this event only, you can order a special sound art piece that includes an illustration drawn by Ippei Hamada, a singer-songwriter and illustrator who works at gallery PARADISO.

While working as a singer-songwriter, Ippei Hamada was captivated by the free world of painting that he encountered during a difficult period mentally. This collaboration was made possible by Ippei Hamada, who says he wants to create music as much as he paints, and EARMIND, who freely enjoys art and music.

During the event, you can also listen to the songs sung by Ippei Hamada through EARMIND's sound art piece.

One of the most popular items in EARMIND's lineup is "Antique stamps" by EbRu, an art unit celebrating its 10th anniversary, which presents a variety of works that play with materials and colors.

With this plan, you can order EbRu's new sound art piece to your specifications, which has not yet been released.You can freely trim the work using the traditional Turkish marbling technique and order your own sound art piece.

We also have a special plan that allows you to order original sound art pieces based on your own illustrations and photo data.

Plan A Ippei Hamada Art Piece

Illustrations by Ippei Hamada from gallery PARADISO are freely combined and enclosed in resin. We also have newly drawn illustrations exclusive to this event. You can choose the main body color of the earphone from a single color.

Workshop order price: ¥63,000 (tax included)

Plan B EbRu 10th Anniversary Art Piece

Marbling paper is trimmed in the workshop and sealed in resin to create original art pieces.

Select the main body color of the earphone from a single color. You can pre-order a new sound art piece with an original design scheduled to be released in October.

Workshop order price: ¥49,000 (tax included)

Plan C Completely original art piece

Create original art pieces based on the data of non-copyrighted illustrations and photos that you want to enclose in resin.

You can choose the main body color of the earphone from a single color.

Workshop order price: ¥69,000 (tax included)


● If you want to make the color of the earphones completely original, add ¥15,000 (tax included)

● Name engraving on the included label tag costs ¥1,500 (tax included)

Completed image diagram

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